Hi, I’m Freya.

“I am awakened by the power of the mandala,
A symbol of unity and infinity,
A doorway to the divine within me,
A source of healing and serenity.

The mandala's intricate designs,
Draw me in with their hypnotic shine,
As I focus on each sacred line,
I feel my stress and worries unwind.

I am transported to a peaceful place,
Where my soul is free to roam,
I am connected to the universal All,
As I find my way back home.

The mandala is a sacred guide,
Leading me to inner peace,
As I follow its luminous path,
I am released from all my suffering, pain, and disease.

So I thank the mandala's ancient art,
For bringing me closer to the light,
For helping me to heal and grow,
And for guiding me to my true self, my true might.”

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How Do Mandala Coloring Pages Activate the Mandala’s Healing Powers?

Mandalas are used universally to promote healing and other positive states of being. The mandala is a circular matrix with a center point—a point from which all things are possible. From this sacred center comes forth infinite possibilities and unlimited potential.

When you use your mandala coloring pages, you’re expressing your desires for healing and wellness. You’re also acknowledging and declaring your own unlimited potential!

A spiritual and ritual symbol

The mandala is a cosmic diagram of the relationship and the interaction between the individual, the collective and the world. The mandala works at a higher level than our conscious self. It taps into all parts of our unconscious self, while simultaneously connecting us with the universal memories and impulses of humankind, alongside all that nature is and can be. The word mandala is Sanskrit and means literally “circle.” Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe and are symbols that reflect wholeness.

The circular designs symbolize the idea that life is never-ending and everything is connected. Mandalas are often used as instruments of meditation because the designs help to remove irritating thoughts and allow the creative mind to run free as well as relax.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the belief is that by entering the mandala and proceeding towards its center, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe from one of suffering into one of joy and happiness. You can color mandalas as a way to mediate to help calm and center the body and mind.

Healing With Mandala Coloring

Mandala coloring is considered a gateway to inner peace and happiness for many people. Mandala designs are available in different levels of difficulty, from easy to very difficult, so anyone can find a level that is just right for them. Many of those who use Mandala coloring books in their daily lives find the practice calming and stress relieving.

Beside coloring the mandala patterns, creating a mandala is an act of self-care, relaxation, and mindfulness all in one. The mandala is a spiritual and physical vessel that helps to calm the mind as well as strengthen our connection with ourselves and the universe. It is also a form of meditation that brings all colors, beings, and elements together to create an image of wholeness.

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